About Us

Iran Group of Experts have been recorded in 1999 and begun its independent activity since 2006 in continuation of the activities of the Iran Group of Experts in the fields of consulting services, design, auditing and training in quality management, performance evaluation, management productivity and other relevant areas of government, industry and the services. The company′s services is provided in three areas of Government, industry, mining, and specialized health services. The company′s five-year perspective is upgrading to one of the government’s and private sector’s most important strategic partner in providing management and economic consulting services to companies and to improve the quality of Products and  services more efficiently so that they will have to be considered as its mission.

The main services: Providing consulting and design standards in the fields of management, change management, performance management, management Process, performance evaluation models, Failure Finding, modify consumption patterns, reduce the cost of goods.

Ancillary services: training services, audits, surveys, engineering tools in terms of quality and other issues with customer requirements

In order to do the above-mentioned activities, IGX has employed experts with different expertise and has trained them, with different points of views, while conducting research, training and consulting, to present services for the establishment of favorable management. 


Improving the discipline

Increase in production

Waste reduction

Customer satisfaction

Export facilities

Fewer mistakes at work

Do work properly in the first order

Increasing competitiveness


Strategic thinking at the level of middle and senior managers

Development of systems thinking in the organization

Creating prerequisites for the implementation of other management systems

Encourage teamwork and more personnel belonging to the organization

Establishing team building

Facilitate greater control and better management

Promotion of general and specific indicators of productivity

Reduce costs

the company’s productivity services enhance