Service Delievery

In the literature on productivity and efficiency training, planning and implementing promotion programs are the basis and framework of designing. While a complete plan of performance management involves the above four steps, however, providing services as needed by organization and productivity, can also be done at the level of each of the four stages. At the same time the stage setting and measuringproductivity indicators and their analysis are the most important steps to improve the planning stage, and should not be ignored



Areas covered

- Culture-building to improve productivity in the organization, country and province economic sector, and sensitization training seminars for managers and experts about the importance and the need to enhance productivity

- Holding specialized workshops, applied for experts in the field of measuring and analysis of total and partial productivity indicators

- Determination and measurement of total and partial productivity indicators based on different models (added value - DEA- econometric models)

- Estimating the total factor productivity (TFP) and analyzing the influencing factors

- Finding Failure and problems in the way to improve productivity and reporting (SWOT)

- Improve productivity in the medium and long term strategic planning (2008–2026)

- Developing mechanisms and management mechanisms, monitoring and measuring, training and supervision to support Efficiency management programs

-Techniques and tools to promote productivity favorable and consistent with the organizational conditions

- Benchmarking and analyzing the status and organizational productivity

- Applying cost reduction models, process management, neatness system, reducing waste, and increasing output in terms of strategies for improving efficiency.

- Identifying Strategies to improve the productivity of other topics as needed by organizations

Achievements of the project

Design, training, productivity consulting and audit management in organizations will help ensure the following achievements:

- Cost reduction, lead time, distance traveled by clients and reduce the cost of goods and services

- Increasing Customer Satisfaction (consumers), employees, managers and shareholders, government and society

- Increasing employees salary, benefits and interests of shareholders

- Avoid waste, environmental pollution and contributing to sustainable development

- Improving the quality of goods and services and reducing their price and delivery time

- Promoting competitiveness in domestic and international markets

- Successful presence in domestic markets and global instabilities

- Readiness to participate in economic globalization and international trade (WTO)

- Improving total factor productivity in organizations and thereby help promote national productivity