ISO 9001

Product History

Quality management system consists of a management system established by an organization to match product features with customer requirements and ISO 9001 standard is a reference for this system establishment, managers, to guide organization based on the quality of the product / service and ensure compliance with what the customer prefers, compliance with the requirements of this standard, put this standard on the agenda of the organization.



In Standard ISO 9000, the quality has been defined as all product features to meet the needs and customer expectations. Standard ISO 9001 introduces the quality requirements for the organization to achieve quality, and for those organizations, complied with this requirement, issues certificate after auditing by certified companies

Service Delievery

Iran Groups of experts as the first consulting company in the establishment of quality management system provide all services related to education, independent audit and consulting services since 1996.the consulting and training services of this system are provided in four steps: ,

- understanding the process and determine the gap between organization and of the requirements of ISO 9001

- Advice on the development of standard specifications and system requirements

- Advice on the establishment and preparation for taking certification of quality management system

Specialized training in the area of ​​the above steps-

Areas covered

Implementing a quality management system in any organization that provide services and products is to be possible. The system requirements applies in any organization, whether small, large, or production or services, private or public.


Achievements of the project

- Creating ways to improve customer satisfaction

- Discovering and finding the causes of problems as a result of reinventing

- Achieving Short and long-term goals

- Enhance human resource capabilities

- Remove the tastes and systematizing the tasks

- Increase the effectiveness of the activities of producing or delivering services

- Growing movements in the mission and the visions for the industry

- Creating flexibility in handling different strategies when necessary