ISO 17025

Iran group of experts, as a pioneer in providing consulting and training services in terms of  the standard ISO / IEC17025, have started its activities in1999, coinciding with the publication of the draft of this standard and by using experts ,and experienced professionals provide services to comply with the standard requirements of ISO / IEC17025 through the following steps:

Step One: Providing (Gap Analysis) with the standard model in terms of equipment and technology, work environment, physical condition, test methods and procedures, and human resources

The second step: training courses

Step three: Revision reforms taking place training internal and independent audit

Step Four: Partnership with the employer for a certificate of inspection and accreditation institutions



Achievements of the project

Establishment of Standard laboratory management system based on ISO / IEC17025, guarantees quality of test results :

- are reported by personnel who are technically competent and have the necessary training and service operations, and conduct maintenance and calibration equipment properly.

 - are reported based on the methods which were properly tailored to customer needs and have been validated

- are based on internal and external quality control operations including inter-laboratories comparisons and specialized Proficiency tests.

- enjoy the necessary inter-laboratories credibility ,therefore allow for technical information and experience exchange between collaborating laboratories and also have a laboratory of a management system, coordination and consistency of test methods used and Finally, providing test and calibration services for internal customers and external customers specially factual and legal ones lead in increase in value added was organization.

Areas covered

- For all organizations that conduct testing or calibration

- For laboratories of first, second and third person

- For laboratories in which test or calibration, inspection and product certification is part of the activity


-For all laboratories of any size, scope and number of personnel