ISO 9004

Product History

International Standard ISO 9004: 2009 has been designed to help the organizations that intend to achieve sustainable success through the implementation of Standard ISO 9001:2008, has attempted, by focusing on the needs and expectations of all stakeholders in long-term and balanced - which is a prerequisite for sustainable success – help organization to continuously and systematically improve their performance. Therefore, in this document, "self-assessment "has been introduced and presented to determine the level of maturity and identify opportunities for improvement and innovation. Based on the process that has been seen in this standard, suitable proper substrates for organizations, who wish to participate in the Excellence Awards, improve its ability to recognize and seize the opportunities ahead, has been provided.

Service Delievery

- To draw a communication pattern between the standard requirements of ISO 9004 standards and INQA criteria in organization

- To develop a self-assessment questionnaire and localize them comply with the requirements of Standard ISO9004: 2009

- To establish some workshops of ISO 9004 standard requirements and self-assessment

- To extract Opportunities for improvement and innovation in each of the standard requirements

- To evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency mechanisms of the projects resulting from the self-evaluation

Areas covered

This International Standard gives guidance to organizations to achieve sustained success through quality management is applicable to all organizations regardless of size, type of activity and it is used. The international standard is not applied for purposes of issuing certification, legislation and contractual requirements.

Achievements of the project

- This standard suggests self-assessment as an important tool in revising maturity level of organization, self-assessment assist the organization in identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

- assist organizations to track their improvement based on the quality management system based on real and attainable form.

- It can help all organizations in the selection and application of the quality improvement tools compared to their maturity level and reduced the time, cost and performance waste.

- This International Standard is recommend to all state-owned companies, private factories and industries that want to participate in national awards in Repute level and take steps towards business excellence models.