R&D department

Research and development (R&D)


Increased competition and motivation for survival has caused many organizations to base their activities on providing basic services and capabilities that this requires investment in researching and creating innovations. Today, R & D has a direct impact on innovation, productivity, quality, standard of living, market share and other factors that increase competitive organizations. With the advent of globalization, the methods of acquiring technology has changed and new methods have been created that give Countries and organizations accessibility to research at different levels



The Objectives of the R&D


The necessity of establishing the R & D

R&D section of Iranian experts group has been established to expand research and development activities of the Group in the areas of industry, healthcare and Government services. A significant impact of R & D activities in optimizing performance and improving services in future projects has emphasized to conduct and develop these activities more than ever.

The mission of R & D

The mission of this section is to create a background for expressing, planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring research activities in order to provide Scientific method to solve problems in various fields. This section provides guidance and activities for the development and delivery of new methodologies and strengthen the Group′s knowledge foundation and tries to take advantage of experienced staff and scientific Foundations research topics of all areas of the company helps to group dynamicity with knowledge management approach.

The objectives of the R & D

Purpose means quality or a desired point that the person or organization has an attempt to achieve it. This goal is based on understanding Needs, priorities, needs and strategies defined in the institutional framework. Based on the above definition and research purposes, Iran′s development experts objectives include:

Promotion of knowledge and culture through innovation


Scientific support of ongoing projects by finding theories and models of world-class

Finding potential uses for achievements and new knowledge

Increasing efficiency of human activities

Increasing self-reliance as well as facilitate and expedite the work done

Increasing competitiveness

Providing higher quality services

Offering new products and services

Innovation tailored to customers′ needs


The main activities of the R&D


To Search and provide new methodologies of current projects, research on a specialized subject about the Current project and presenting new standards and…

 Updating websites (placement of applied and learned articles and lessons .... on the site)

Collaboration with marketing and sales services to identify new markets and develop related products

Collaboration with education section through the periodic review of training programs, developing new training courses and...

Design, establishment and promotion of research and development as a value at the group level


The main activities of other sectors in order to fulfill the objectives of the R & D


Cooperation on completion of lessons learned - lessons learned

Providing practical articles about the projects and submit it to R & D units

Offering specialized needs and issues regarding the projects and training courses to the R & D division