ISO 17020

Product History

Standard mentioned for the first time in 1998 and released as general criteria for different types of inspection bodies. The reference standard is EN 45004 European standard which have been developed, considering the experience of inspection bodies and the European requirements and recommendations of international and European documents such as the ISO 9000 series of standards

The Delivery of Services

The first step: to assess the current situation and the distance to the requirements of the standard model and the subsequently the designing of model including the policy, quality objectives, quality manual and required procedures by the standard model with training concepts for 2 days.

 The second step: monitoring the implementation of the system, a review of carried out reforms, internal audit training for 2 days, internal audit and cooperation to conduct an audit and inspection measures necessary for accreditation bodies accrediting certification

Achievements of the project

Inspection parameters may include the quantity, quality, safety, suitability for use, and continued safety compliance of equipment or systems during operation. General criteria which are required to adapt by the inspection bodies for their services to be accepted by the competent authorities and customers, need some coordination in the form of an international standard. So, this standard includes those organizations’ tasks including the study of materials, products, facilities, equipment, processes and procedures, labor or services, and determining their compliance with the requirements and reporting the customer outcomes of these activities to customers and if necessary to authorities.

Areas Covered

Types of inspection organizations, including:

 - The third party inspection agencies

- An independent inspection organization independent from the design, manufacture, supply, installation, use or maintenance of similar items or provide services to external organizations

- The inspectors involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation or maintenance of the items under inspection or similar items or provide services to external organizations.