Other consulting projects

List of other consulting projects

Imam Khomeini hospital (Tehran)–identifying and recording the current status of the process of quality monitoring related to Hospital emergency department-

The emergency department knowledge in some grand process of admission, discharge, archives, par clinical, support and nursing and clinical processes, Outsourcing support services of medical universities.

Tehran Children Medical Center – full acquaintance with relevant aspects of the emergency department in some grand process of admission, discharge, archives, preclinical, clinical, and nursing and support processes.

Taleghani Hospital - Department of Health and Medical Education - design and re-engineering of Surgery operation processes Division-Emergency medical division and establishment of the processes of image recognition divisions and establishment of sterile Center process - Establishment of maintenance and safety system and  establishment of Patients Care division and patients care management –processes of maternity division–designing and establishment of Infection control system

Ministry of Health and Medical Education- research project entitled as Research on the theoretical foundations of outsourcing medical universities’Support medical Services

Baqiyatallah Azam Hospital - Admissions, Medical Records

Oil industry Hospitals

HashemiNejad Hospital - Suggestion System

department Laleh medical

Institute of Comparative Law, University of Tehran, Project Management ofIran Integrated Maritime Law

Persian Gulf mineral and metal industries special zone - ISO 10015

Ministry of Cooperatives - Investigating the implementation of the Justice Shares Distribution

Ministry of Cooperation – standardization of corporations’ management and inspection and ultra-provincial unions Services

Ministry of Cooperatives - standardization of quality management and inspection

Tehran Governor - Evaluation of the requirements of honoring people and customer’s performance and satisfaction in executive systems of Tehran Province’s Governor Center.

Central governor- a review on executive problems in executive bodies

Insurance Research –fault finding review and assessment processes and paying car compensation insurance in  insurance companies and designing scientific and applied models in order to optimize the pattern evaluation and compensation systems.


Privatization-Studies to evaluate the economic performance of inlet and private projects on the basis of designed models

Ministry of Industries and Mines –The study of investment opportunities in these sectors in accordance with the criteria issued by the ISIC code

Kerman Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines - Check and repair the structure of the chamber with a 20-year horizon Vision Document of Commerce Room, and Kerman Industries and Mines

Review and development of content relevant to Iran′s joining to WTO and its consequences in Kerman economic units

Environment protection - providing expert services in the creation and management of Green government secretariat in connection with the Green Management System

Environment protection - actions and providing documents of Green management systems