GP department

Managing Director of GP, under the control of general manager, monitor, organize, conduct and supervise all activities related to management consulting services including system consulting services, Independently or through a combination of quality management, management consulting organizations providing public services and governance units as follows, from the viewpoint of compliance with the expectations and needs of customers and stakeholders and attempts to Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of these activities.

The domain of this section activity is all the executive agencies, organizations, institutions and government agencies whose main tasks are monitoring and control in the public sector and government activities could include the following:


All ministries and all the executive agencies Governments, and municipal governments and administrative departments and affiliated institutions of government

Environment Department, Institute of Standards and affiliate offices

Bank and insurance agencies and units

Foundations and government institutions

Government organizations associated with pilgrimage and tourism

Holding companies

Management and Planning Organization and all the organizations for managing the provinces

Tourism, and pilgrimage units

Judiciary GIO

Educational and research organizations and institutions affiliated to government

Military organizations, law enforcement and related agencies

Legislative and affiliated organizations centers