ISO 18001

Product History

Due to the rise in world industrial accidents in 1953, a joint committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) was established in developing the Professional Safety and Health charter. The Charter defined the following objectives:

  1. A) Provide, maintain and promote employees’ physical and mental health,

B)Prevention of occupational accidents and diseases

  1. C) Matching the work to human and human to work

And finally in 1999 the first health and safety management standard auditable by certification organizations, entitled as Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Services or OHSAS 18001 was developed.



The basis for accreditation of this standard is BS 88001996

Why we choose OHSAS?

1) These system covers all risks and health and safety management systems.

2) Is compatible with existing systems ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

3) Make a proper prioritizing of safety and health issues in organization by processes to identify hazards and risk assessment.

3) The system is simple and with high transparency that duplication is avoided

Service Delivery

The first step is preliminary and offers Master Plan

The aim of this step is to determine the current status of the employer to three objectives:

 (a) Determine the current status

(B)Determining the distance of the current situation with the requirements of OHSAS 18001

(C) Proposing the main steps necessary to move toward a system design to meet the requirements of OHSAS. Preliminary regulations for occupational health and safety management system as part of the Master Plan, presented by the consultant, is presented at this stage. At this stage, in addition to the above tries, it will be attempted to provide a cultural context for acceptance of subsequent changes in the mind of existing personnel. At this stage the operational schedule for the second phase will also be indicated.

Second stage: review, analyze and adoption to employer organizations’ requirements and standard OHSAS 18001 and planning to implement

The third stage: implementation, audits, correction and final compilation of occupational health and safety management system and obtaining a clearance certificate for standard OHSAS 18001.