Product History

Robert Kaplan and David Norton have designed a model as balance scorecards to provide a solution to the problem of the Industrial Revolution era. BSC model determines future performance of the organization through measuring Indices and in this way, traditional financial measurements, which are retrospective" will be completed. This model can measure organizational performance mainly in four   financial, clients, processes and acquisition areas"


The Delivery of Services


Assessment of the current situation in order to clarify the mission and vision of the organization-

-Design of performance measurement system and define the key performance indicators in each axis of BSC

-Collect information in order to calculate key performance indicators and analyze them based on the organization’s Strategic mission, vision and goals

-Determine what action to change or improve key performance indicators and define improvement targets

Achievements of the project

-A picture of the created value for current and prospective customers largely (organizations’ top managers)

Identify and capture key performance indicators (KPI) that can create value for the organization.

- Creating Ability to identify and intangible asset management in order to achieve tangible assets.

-Translating the organization′s mission and strategy into a comprehensive performance measurement system to provide a framework for a strategic measurement and to ensure the organization′s management system

-Access to the financial results through monitoring two main factors including: creating capabilities achieving tangible assets.

Areas covered

All manufacturing and service organizations, including the private and governmentsectors can benefit from this model.