Fault Finding

Product History

In Iran, the studies on finding faults have been done for the first time in the oil company. Iran renovation industry officially and extensively began failure finding studies in various industries since 2002 through various consultants and project supervisors as the largest and most important failure finding project of the time by Iran Group experts, (IGX). The group has more than10 Failure Finding projects in various productive and service organizations in the field of production of paper, lamps, radiator, jute, food, scooters, diesel generators, transformers, relays and utilities to run and successfully completed



Service Delievery

In order to successfully perform Failure Finding, the consultant, after an overview of the organization and design of model according to the conditions of the related organization, performs the following activities to be carried out in order of priority:

- Introducing the Projects and organization sensitization

-The appointment of specialized working groups members (from different organizational levels)

- Holding a training session for members of the working group

Review and assessment of present situations using data collection-

- Analysis of present situation and validated by the members of the working group

- Identifying and assessing the organization′s strengths and weaknesses and environmental factors (SWOT)

- Identifying problems and their causes, risk prioritization and validation by members of the working group

- Identifying solutions, prioritizing strategies and solutions validated by the members of the working group


Achievements of the project


- Systematic and comprehensive understanding of the organization′s activities and results of operations

- Identifying the root causes of the problem

- Determining the origin and cause of complications and the contribution of each cause

- Assigning priorities to score any complication

- Identifying total and partial solutions to solve or adjustment of problems and their causes

- Identifying internal and external factors affecting Leap or gradual improvements in failure finding and improved cycle.


Areas covered

The above definition shows that Failure Finding doesn’t belong only to organizations that are experiencing problems or are facing bankruptcy but New systems such as pure management indicates that organizations ,for excellence in various stages of positioning and performance results, could use Failure Finding studies as an  instrument of knowledge at every level and stage. Generally, all Failure Finding studies cover Manufacturing, service / toddlers and experienced/ small and large organizations... and give considerable results  to the organizations ,particularly  the management team for the future and improve the organization′s decisions.