Product History


Starting with the letter S stands for five Japanese words and their translation into 5 Persian words starting with the letter(te)

 Seiri / Seifion /  Seiso / Seiketso /Shitsuke

The Japanese, by studying Japanese culture, have found five so-called random terms starting with the letter S covering all the targets of health, safety and adequate working space. Most of these principles applies in high-risk industries such as ammunition. Match-making, food, medicine, chemical and etc. Thus, this system is called 5s

The Delivery of Services

5Implementing 5S system considers the following practical steps:

 - Organizing sensitization sessions for managers and employees to participate in all aspects of the organization or company

- structuring 5simplementation, based on the nature and structure of the organization and formation of working groups with participation of all units of the organization

- One day training courses5S implementation

- implementation of neatness system in all units

- 5S audit training to the representatives of the units on retaining and upgrading of neatness system

- publishing the results and achievements of neatness system to other employees

- preparation of final documentation

Achievements of the project

By adopting and implementing 5S at all levels of the company or organization significant results will beachieved as follows:

 - Acceptable and optimum use of space and facilities

- Creating a healthy atmosphere in the workplace

- Reducing the time and labor costs

- Increasing the performance of business processes

Areas covered

Any organization or company, to move toward improved quality and productivity, have to take measures the first one of which is 5s

The activities, despite their simplicity and banality, need to continue and all employee participation, and will have impressive results. To start such a move, there is no exception for any organization and company.