SA 8000

Product History

In order to ensure appropriate levels of social justice in labor and laboring level, standards of SA 8000 Series ,by the International Social Accountability ,was published in October 1997 as a global standard. This standard will cover the following topics:

-Working children

- Wage 

- Health and safety

- Freedom of association and collective treaties rights

- Workplace Organizational discipline   

- Work hours 

- Mandatory Working

- Management systems

These issues have been developed based on 15 international conventions.



Service Delivery

The first stage - initial examination and determine the current status of the employer with the following objectives: - to determine the current status

- Determining the distance between the current position and the standard SA 8000 requirements

- Determining the steps to move towards meeting the requirements of the standard SA 8000

The second stage - analysis and implementation of the company processes (Employer Organization) SA 8000 standard requirements with the following objectives:

Creating necessary and applicable documentation so that the employer organization can satisfy the needs of SA 8000 system

The third stage –system implementation, audits, correction and final editing of social accountability system in accordance with the standard SA 8000 and providing the employer organization to audit certification body. It is obvious thatduring this system deployment, the related trainings, including

Special definitions -social accountability system requirements and internal auditing are provided.

Achievements of the project

- Positive imagination and attractiveness of the customers organization

- Increase in organization productivity

- accelerate project implementation at employer side 

- Facilitation of achieving excellence (EFQM)

- Attractiveness and maintenance of labor value by agency

- Good reputation with customers

- Organization attraction for staff

- Decreased risk and risk management

- Most importantly, increase employee satisfaction and improve product quality

- Improved communication within the organization

Areas covered

All organizations, including government agencies, quasi-public and private adoption can take action to establish the International System of 8000 SA. Number of employees, type of product, tangible or intangible product or service, product variety and breadth of the organization will have little effect on SA8000 system establishment