Evaluation of Privatization Performance in Implementation of Article 44 of the Constitution

A congress called "Privatization Function" was held in the implementation of the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution today at  the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Conference Hall.
Ali Tayebnya, the Minister of Economy of the eleventh government, and Ali Ashraf Abdullah Puri Hosseini, chairman of the privatization organization, attended the conference.
Puri Hosseini, at the beginning of the conference, described the types of assignments that included the transfer of control, management assignment, and the assignment of wisdom, and said about the criteria that the companies that were assigned to them were assessed and put forward, said: "The overall criteria for evaluating companies As a matter of fact, due to the time consuming of the evaluation of all of them, the two criteria that the society was sensitive to were the main points. These are two criteria for employment and productivity. This assessment is a criterion for selecting companies that receive a certificate of appreciation.
He explained that 92 companies were evaluated in the project, which we usually evaluate companies three years after the assignment, at least three years after the assignment, so at the moment we could only check the companies. Which was granted until year ninety-two, but in addition to the fact that the companies were evaluated for three years before and three years after the assignment, all 92 companies surveyed three years before and all subsequent years The assignment was also evaluated by 1394.
In the course of this conference Ibrahim Reyayaki, director of the Institute of Economics and Management, and Mahboubeh Amini, the director of
Iran group of experts , outlined the objectives of the conference. Iran Group of Experts is in charge of the third-ever assessment of the companies that have been assigned.
After introducing
Iran group of experts , Mahboubeh Amini spoke about the process of implementing this national plan.
At the end, the top companies were honored by the Minister of Economy and the head of the privatization organization and a group of officials at the conference. Tabriz Petrochemical Company, in all of the criteria, received the Zabul Cement Company at the Ajko Crop Employment and Cooling Criterion (Kalber Dairy Company) at the benchmark of productivity of the statue.